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How To Fix A Failing Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is central to spreading the message about products, causes, organizations, and brands. If your operation's digital marketing strategy isn't hitting the mark, then you might struggle to find a way to fix it. You should take these four steps to turn the situation in your favor.


First, you need to be able to quantify the nature and extent of the failure. If you don't have an analytics system in place, that's the first order of business. A digital marketing agency wants to have hard data on impressions, visitor flow, retention, and messaging. Fortunately, you can embed analytics packages in your digital assets like your websites and social media feeds. Also, most third-party marketing tools have dashboards and APIs that allow you to quickly access and export the data.

Once you have data, you can begin to analyze it based on key performance indicators. For example, a business might have previously had a good marketing strategy. However, the KPIs could show that audiences are drifting away for one of a host of reasons. Something as simple as a change in trends can severely affect a highly sensitive brand. You can then begin adjusting your strategy to account for what the data says.


Your second step should be trimming failing strategies. A company might have invested heavily in placement ads on platforms that have weakened, for example. A digital marketing firm will focus your ad spend on the strong channels and trim or eliminate ones that aren't performing.

Messaging and Branding

Third, you'll want to review your messaging and branding efforts. If you haven't updated your campaigns in a while, this is a good time to develop new messaging. Likewise, you should look at logos, marks, and color schemes. If everything feels dated, you might want to update your brand's identity. Even small tweaks can make a big difference in making a brand more compatible with the current digital landscape.

Test and Iterate

As you start to zoom in on problems and their accompanying solutions, you need to test your marketing plan. A/B testing is a common tool in digital marketing. You will deploy several ideas, and then run them in brief tournaments against each other with live deployments. This gathers data and allows you to compare which marketing appeals connect.

Eventually, you'll want to iterate through the best performers. As you do, you'll dial in on what drives engagement and conversions. Once you have that dialed in, you'll then continue to review, test, and iterate in a long-term cycle of excellence. For further information on digital marketing, contact a professional digital marketing agency near you.