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How Using Managed IT Services Can Make Your Business More Profitable Over Time

Any Business 101 student will tell you that your company's profit is the amount of money left over after you subtract all expenses from your revenue. Today, more and more companies are moving to managed IT services in order to boost their revenue while also keeping unnecessary expenses down. Here's how working with an outside firm that provides managed IT support can help boost your company's bottom line.

Generate More Profit By Reducing Downtime

Every time a worker encounters a problem with their computer or a server or network, they might have to spend some time troubleshooting the problem before they can get back to work. If the problem is severe, you might even need to reach out to professional help that is only available on an on-call basis. But when you partner with a managed IT service, you will have someone immediately available for any problem that pops up, large or small. This means the problem can be fixed sooner and your employee will be able to get back to work, generating more revenue and therefore more profit over time for your company.

Generate More Profit By Reducing the Number of Servers You Have to Manage

One of the services that a managed IT firm can provide is access to servers that are managed directly by the IT firm. This means the "cloud" will be housed at a location away from your business and you won't be personally responsible for its upkeep or repair. Being able to get rid of some of your current servers or just not having to buy more over time will reduce your company's long-term expenses when it comes to server maintenance, repair, and general upkeep. You won't have equipment expenses from buying new servers and you won't have to pay for the labor it would take one of your current employees to go through the maintenance checklist. All of these expenses are handled by your managed IT firm. You simply keep paying your flat fee per month for access to the servers or the data storage that you need while watching your revenue continue to go up as your company grows.

Generate More Profit By Preventing Costly Attacks

You might have a budget that includes money set aside for emergencies. This might include a contingency plan if you work in an industry where there are sometimes attacks against the server infrastructure or other very costly IT issues. When you work with a group of IT professionals, you will hopefully be able to prevent any of these attacks from ever happening. This means you'll never have to dip into those emergency funds and at the end of the fiscal year, it just becomes more profit instead of something on your expense report.

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