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Add A Security Camera System To Your Smart Home System

Is any smart home system really complete without a smart security system? If you want to maximize the value of your smart home system, adding home security cameras might be your best next step. When you connect a security camera system to your smart home hub, you gain a complete view of your property that you can access anytime and anywhere. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing and installing a security camera system around your smart home.

Purchase Compatible Cameras

Not all smart home–compatible cameras are compatible with every smart home hub, so it pays to do your research before purchasing your cameras. While you're making your purchase, make sure they are also compatible with the size and layout of your property. If you have a small property with tight spaces, you need to have cameras that you can position at precise angles. If you have an extensive property that isn't fully lit at night, you need cameras with excellent long-distance night vision. You also need to determine if you want the cameras to record and how long you want the system to wait before recording over old data. If you need extra security, make sure footage isn't overwritten frequently, even if doing so means purchasing a large external hard drive along with your cameras. 

Position Cameras In Key Locations

A security camera isn't very useful if it misses the signs of an impending break-in completely. Ensure your cameras cover key entry points into your home, including doorways, large windows, window wells, and fence gates. If you have already experienced a break-in that one of your neighbors witnessed, ask them to describe the movements of the perpetrators if they can. In most places, you can usually point your cameras at your neighbors' properties if you need to, so long as your video feeds cover a broad area and aren't used to invade anyone's privacy. Your smart home system should give you a consistent feed of video from each camera, so it doesn't matter how many you need to use to protect your property.

Consider Installing Interior Cameras

Your home's security needs don't just involve the outer areas of your property. Consider installing interior cameras in public rooms like the kitchen, living room, family room, entry, and hallways. These cameras can capture clear and up-close images of burglars in the act of stealing. Should you have to defend yourself in your home, the footage from interior cameras can also provide evidence in your favor in a court setting. With interior cameras connected to your smart home system, you will have easy and consistent access to videos of anything that goes on in the public areas of your home.

To learn more about security cameras, contact home security professionals in your area.