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How A Tank Inspection Camera Can Help You Locate A Septic Tank

Surprisingly, it can be difficult to find the location of a septic tank in your home. However, if you are working with a septic tank company that performs an inspection using a tank inspection camera, locating the septic tank is much easier. Read on to discover how the septic tank company can find your tank and what happens after that.

Locating Your Septic Tank

The septic tank company locates the clean out. This is usually found in the basement or crawl space. From there, the camera is sent to the septic tank and performs inspections along the way. This allows the septic tank company to discover if there is anything wrong with the tank. The camera allows the septic tank company to determine the exact location of the tank.

Inspecting the Septic Tank

Once the technician locates the septic tank, the tank cover can be removed. The camera can them be sent through the D-Box to the leach field for an inspection. There are several problems that the technician can identify at this point such as whether the pipe is full of effluent, has become crushed, has a dip or is suffering a clog. This allows the technician to determine the next step to take to repair your septic tank.

Asking About the Tank Inspection Camera

Not all septic tank inspections use a camera, so it's important to make sure that the company does. Some companies will try to determine the nature of the septic tank problem by flushing the toilet and inspecting how the water comes out of the pipe. However, this will only identify some problems and isn't as effective as using a camera. A push camera can discover root intrusions and pipes that are out of alignment or deteriorating. 

Seeing the Inside of Your Septic Tank

Once the septic tank is located, the technician can take pictures of your septic tank. This will allow you to see exactly what is wrong with it. Both you and the technician can decide what will be done next with your septic tank.

Tank inspection cameras are a very non-destructive way to inspect your septic tank. Otherwise, a technician would be forced to dig up your property to inspect your septic tank directly. This would lead to further expenses as you must repair your property after the septic tank excavation. But locating the septic tank isn't difficult with a tank inspection camera and you'll be able to keep repair costs low while prolonging the life of your tank.