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How To Make Sure That Your CMMS Software Maximizes Productivity

The purpose of preventative maintenance software is to increase the productivity of your workers. By being able to schedule tasks, workers can focus on completing these tasks rather than trying to identify what needs to be done. There are several features to look for that can help increase the productivity of your workers.

Digitize Paper Records

In the past, paper was used to track work orders. This reduced productivity because extra effort must be taken to ensure that the paper records are updated. A CMMS software program will need to be easy to use so that the paper records can be digitized so that you can begin using the software immediately. Past maintenance work orders and work orders that are still pending must be digitized.

Access from a Mobile Device

Modern maintenance programs must be compatible with mobile devices. This allows for your maintenance technicians to immediately move from one maintenance job to another without needing to take any additional steps. A mobile device with 4G can access the CMMS software from anywhere that a cellular tower is located.

Minimize Data Entry

To remain productive, workers who use preventive maintenance software need to find a solution that minimizes the amount of data entry that a worker needs to engage in to use the program. You will not want to be forced to create a new task for each schedule that has that task. There are several other ways that a preventative maintenance CMMS software program can reduce the amount of work for your staff members.

Track Spare Parts

Workers shouldn't be slowed down by missing spare parts. Make sure that your workers have the parts and equipment they need so that they can service assets quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

Maintain an Asset History

Your firm will get the most out of its assets when you are able to generate a detailed asset history. When an asset faces a problem, you'll be able to ensure that it receives the maintenance it needs over time to ensure that it continues to remain operational.

Also, an asset history allows your firm to determine when it might make more sense to replace the asset with a new one to ensure that you do not experience any downtime and are able to reduce overall operational costs. While transitioning to a preventative maintenance software program will require that you invest time and money, it will be worthwhile.